Kevin Hart And Dwayne Johnson Do Hilarious Impressions Of Each Other During Wild Interview (VIDEO)

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are two of the busiest dudes in Hollywood. We don’t know when they find time to sleep with how many movies they are putting out every single year.

Because as you all know, your work as an actor is not complete once you stop filming. After the movie is shot, you return several months later to promote the hell out of it around the world. So when Johnson and Hart aren’t filming anything, there is a decent chance they are traveling and promoting something.

It probably gets tiring, but it’s clear both stars absolutely love what they do. While promoting their latest film together, Central Intelligence, The Lad Bible had the great idea to switch things up a bit for their interview with the two stars.

They allowed Johnson and Hart to interview each other, and just to add another level of craziness to the whole thing, they had to pretend to be each other. It’s pretty obvious they have spent too much damn time together lately because their impressions were perfect.

You can’t really fake that chemistry. Hopefully they find the right project one day and knock it out of the park together. I don’t think Central Intelligence was that project, because this interview was more hilarious than the movie.