SO DISRESPECTFUL! Method Man Quits Social Media After Gossip Blogger Initially Refuses To Remove Pic of His Wife. Blogger Then Claps Back! (Wife Photo)

When you make a request to a website, they might not get the email or tweet right when you send it.  It might take a few hours or even days.  You have to give it some time before you over react.

The 2nd thing he did wrong was going on a social media rant.  Even though his rant is about quitting social media, he didn’t realize that he was actually furthering the damage exponentially.  Here is what he posted.

method-man-tweetsSo what happens after that?  Now, everyone wants to see the photo.  You have literally brought more attention to the photo then this Farrah Gray ever could have given it.  In fact, people didn’t even know who Farrah Gray was until Meth went on his rant and called him out.

All over a picture that honestly is nothing.


His post pissed off Farrah Gray and Farrah went on Instagram and posted this:

Farrah gray vs Method man

Farrah didn’t have to take that jab, especially at someone like Method Man, who is basically a legend.  It was distasteful and suprising  for someone who gathers followers by leveraging religion.  (In his bio he describes himself as a “God Made Millionaire”).


Because reposting it isn’t the issue. The issue is who leaked it.  If it wasn’t in this post, you could simply Google “Method Man’s wife”.  Furthermore, before you drag me on social media, did you click the link to see the clearer picture of his wife?  Exactly.  If you cared about Method Man’s privacy so much, that link would have no clicks.  Almost everyone who reads this story, clicks that link.

Meth is going to need some thicker skin if he wants to survive in 2016. BTW – he needs to get his ass back on social media and start doing sponsored posts and promotions.  Movie studios will pay you more if you promote through your own social media channels and the bigger they are, the more you earn.  I’m sure his agent knows this.

Method Man, pick up your skirt, grab your balls and get back in the game.