A Fed Up TINY Releases an Official Statement Regarding Rumors of Her and TI Getting a Divorce. It’s Up To You If You Believe it!

There has been so many divorce rumors surrounding T.I. and TINY.  Imagine reading about what you ae going to do before you even think about doing it.  This is what many celebrities have to go through, especially when you bring cameras into your house like TI and TINY have done.

Just how crazy are the rumors? Just hours after TINY released her statement, a website called urbanislandz.com posted the following story.

Multiple reports have confirmed that Tiny is getting ready to serve the Hustle Gang rapper divorce papers. This comes a few months after the couple announced their split.

All Hip Hop News quoted SandraRose as their source of info and posted the following story:

Tiny is allegedly enjoying the single life under the roof of her own home. According to SandraRose, Tiny moved into a $1.4 million home in the affluent Eagles Landing subdivision in Henry County (right outside of Atlanta).

Seems T.I. and Tiny marriage is dunzo with a newborn baby in the mix.

Granted these websites are not CNN but neither are we.  Let’s face it, CNN isn’t going to Talk Smack the way we need it talked.

However, we still like to supply credible info.  We usually get our facts from the celebrity’s twitter, a statement from their reps, trusted news outlets or the best source ever, their Instagram accounts.  This way we are not wasting our resources posting a correction or an apology when we can be getting to new news instead.


Tiny, was either at her wits end or at the advice of her publicist, she decided to publicly attempt to set the record straight,

“Tameka Harris has read so much about her marriage in the past few weeks that it’s time to set the record straight and really educate everyone on the facts. Certain blogs have ‘reported’ that….(Read More)