Wonder Why No New Chris Brown News? Kid Red “Confirmed” as TMZ Snitch; Sold Stories But Has Now Been Outed From Brown’s Camp!


That was in July of 2015.  Then in September of last year, Chris stopped following Kid Red on twitter.  How do we know that….doesfollow.com.  It not only lets you know who is following who, but if the other person is following the other person back or not.  And if that wasn’t trollerific enough, it tells you the date of when they started and when they stopped following!

Shortly after, towards the end of last year, there were a slew of stories about Chris being hooked on codeine and Szzerup.  Sources say this was a desperate attempt for some last cash as Kid Red knew he was on his way out and Chris knew then that he had a leak.  Frustrated with TMZ, Chris posted these tweets:



Simple.  Because it’s all based on speculation with no credible source.  Jacky Jasper on his site: Diary of a Hollywood Streetking broke the story calling TMZ out directly.  We all know that TMZ pays a lot of money for stories; and I mean a lot.  According to this article on Yahoo News, they paid over $100,000 for the Ray Rice video.  You have to imagine an insider providing 1 exclusive story a month could easily earn the snitcher $20k per month.  That would be like having a full time job making $240,000 a year, but instead of going to an office everyday and working your ass off, you earn this money by hanging out spending other people’s money and smashing their left over models.  Not a bad life until it’s over.  Because when it is over,  you have absolutely nothing.

According to Jacky Jasper,

Industry insiders say Breezy has Kid Red to thank for selling him out to TMZ, reported to be the person responsible for feeding Harvey Levin & Co. stories about the singer for a price … all while playing like he’s one of tha homies!!!

Again..we don’t like stories like this either, but when you put it all together, and you notice that Kid Red s no longer in any of Chris Brown’s social media photos, it becomes way more than coincidence.

Chris cut ties just in time.  Kid Cali was killed last night at a mansion party hosted by Kid Red.  No Kidding! That’s too close for comfort.

Now that Chris is cleaning house, keeping a low profile and putting out good music, let’s get Breezy to do the Super Bowl Halftime Show!!  (Yeah..that’s really a thing.  There is an online petition).  Say what you want, Chris knows how to put on a show.

As for KidRed.  Good luck with your rap career.  You are going to need it, putting out garbage like this.  He should be ashamed of himself, disrespecting a classic beat by spitting this hot garbage!

This is how you properly rap over the “Get Money” beat.