ANALyzing The Disturbing Comments On A TMZ Post Featuring Steamy Photos Of Justin Bieber And Sofia Richie

The internet is strange. People will say things on the internet that they wouldn’t even feel comfortable whispering in real life. This is nothing new. Heck, this site is called TV Smack Talk, and we have probably said a lot of things we wouldn’t repeat outside the land of the internet.

But at least we’re not weird about it. The comment section on TMZ is weird. It’s creepy, disturbing, depressing, baffling and dreamlike. It doesn’t feel real. It’s like the users are robots programmed by Jeff Ross and the ghost of Joan Rivers.

The weirdos seem to come out the most when TMZ posts a story about Justin Bieber. Their latest article on the Biebs features photos of him and his 18-year-old girlfriend Sofia Richie. They’re down in Cabo celebrating Richie’s birthday, and it’s clear they are having a great time together…





Looks like your typical vacation, right? A few drinks, some kisses, nudity…what else could you ask for? Nothing. These photos are upsetting the TMZ audience though. And we’re not talking about a few, “EW, GROSS!” comments.

As we mentioned above, things are getting weird…





What the hell? Ass eating, abortions, gay jokes…are we living inside an Adam Sandler movie? You know what, before we jump to any conclusions, let’s see what Mimi had to say about all this.


Mimi. You disappointed me. I expected better from you, Mimi. But hey…at least you’re not as terrible as beacon150…


Yeah, but can your children kick you out of the house for spreading your stupidity all over the internet? Why in this God made green earth are you trolling around online? Why did you feel the need to click on the link and make a comment. WHY!? I NEED TO KNOW WHY, BEACON! PLEASE MAKE ME UNDERSTAND. I WANT TO LEARN.

Even the people who are “defending” the Biebs are creepy…


I’m starting to feel extremely uncomfortable. I need Jesus in my life right now. Nah, Jesus can’t fix this. I need something more powerful.

I need Will Smith.