FOURTH HARMONY? Camila Leaves St. Louis Concert Early Due to Anxiety. Girls Perform Without Her & Fans Debate If Group is Better Or Not. (Video & Fan Reaction)


  • Lauren is too serious and too tamed for Camila’s part. Camila’s energy is all up in your face. I’m not saying this performance is boring but it’s strange. And Dinah didn’t even try to hit that high note after “baby you’re the boss at home,” she only said “come on” so that she can cover up the insufficiency. Watching these videos made me realize that their styles are so far apart. They blend good together but they should never replace each others voice. It’s not working at all.


  • H4rmonys debut ??


  • This performance shows why all the girls are important. Without Camila it’s sooo empty…. Hope she’s okay❤️


  • This group is so much better of without that other girl


  • We don’t need Camila f*ck her I’m so happy that she didn’t come to my home town!!!!!!!!


  • Everyone who says they were killing it is a liar! I mean don’t get me wrong it sounded fine but that’s the problem, it was just fine. This song NEEDS Camila!


  • Yes… Bye Camila.. She think she’s the best in the group.. All 5 of them are special, but if she wants to leave, Bye Girl.


For those thinking that the anxiety was an excuse for something else, don’t.  It’s probably legit. She shared before that she has battled with Anxiety issues in the past.  She explained,

I’ll start with the low because that led to the high. I was having terrible anxiety, nonstop. My heart would beat really fast the whole day. Two hours after I woke up, Id need a nap because my body was so hyperactive.

So despite all the rumors, she probably really did and is suffering, and for the haters…sorry to disappoint, she will be back.  At least for now.

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