Hillary Clinton Takes Some Hilarious Shots At Donald Trump During Her Special Appearance On The Tonight Show (VIDEO)


Jimmy Fallon has been taking a bit of heat after going easy on Donald Trump last week. He went REALLY easy on Trump. Too freaking easy. Yeah, The Tonight Show is designed to provide entertainment and laughs, but Fallon was two minutes away from giving Trump a handjob under the desk.

The good news is that Fallon made up for the terrible interview. He invited Hillary Clinton on his show this week, and they both had a lot of fun making fun of Trump.

In one of the best bits from the interview, Fallon brought out a bag full of items that were “left” by the Donald. Of course, the bag was full of gag items, including a framed photo of Vladimir Putin and a CD of Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

At one point, a bag of softballs were pulled out of the bag, and Clinton took this opportunity to take a shot at Fallon, “He left these for you: softballs,” she told the host.

“No, that was my gift to him. I’ll give them to you later in the interview,” Fallon replied while laughing. In addition to pulling balls out of a bag, Fallon also poked fun at the media’s ridiculous coverage of Clinton’s health.

Check out the clip below to get an update on her condition. No one should complain about Fallon’s interview with Trump now. This was Clinton’s Tonight Show for 15 minutes. Fallon is just too nice to go hard on anyone.