WATCH: Uh, What The Hell…Orlando Brown Gets Blazed And Talks About Sucking On Raven-Symoné’s Breasts In Strange Video


This is NOT so Raven. Like, not at all. Former Disney star Orlando Brown is a freaking mess. He’s been arrested multiple times in the past five years. Most recently, he was arrested outside a police station after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

That incident happened back in February of this year, and he was slapped with several charges: misdemeanor domestic battery, obstruction of justice and two felonies; having contraband in jail and drug possession with intent to sell.

Since then, he’s been staying out of trouble with the police, but he hasn’t been staying clean. In March, he gave one of the strangest interviews we’ve ever seen to VLADTV. If you missed it, you can click on this link to check it out. You’ll see it’s pretty obvious that he was on drugs.

This dude needs some help. You want to laugh (and trust me, I did laugh) but you also want to pray for him. Here’s to hoping he can be saved.