Fifth Harmony’s Ally Brooke Hernandez Gets Attacked Twice In One Week; Both Caught on Camera. The 2nd Attack was Actually During A Live Performance! (2 Insane Videos)


A week ago we reported the Gigi Hadid attack that captured the internet’s attention for a few hours. We have seen fans get a little too touchy before, but Hadid’s incident went viral because she actually fought back. She ain’t got time to put up with your bullsh-t.

She trained hard for a moment like that, and now it looks like she needs to train the girls of Fifth Harmony, because their fans are all kinds of crazy.

Ally Brooke Hernandez and the rest of the gang were walking inside a Mexico airport ahead of a performance in Monterrey. Obviously, there were was a rowdy group of fans waiting for them inside, and most of them were respectful.

But one person ruined it for everyone. In the video you see below, you can see some overzealous fan grab Hernandez and try to drag her down to the ground. It was a pretty terrifying incident for the group, but thankfully their security team stepped in before anything terrible happened.



After the video was spread around the Fifth Harmony universe, Hernandez jumped on her Instagram account to let everyone know she’s doing just fine…


She’s more forgiving than I would have been. Or heck, she’s more forgiving than Justin Bieber. Can you imagine if this happened to him? He would have canceled the show, banned Mexico from future tour stops, and probably cut out Taco Bell from his diet.


The group was actually performing on stage when a crazy male fans somehow got around security and bum-rushed her.  He grabs her, refuses to let her go and has to literally had to be pulled off.

Ally then loses her balance and falls flat on her butt.  Somehow she was able to recover and continue performing without skipping a beat.  Her professionalism is amazing!

Watch; this video is way crazier than the first.

You can’t break those Fifth Harmony girls.