A Daughter by Suge Knight and a Son by Dr. Dre! Michel’le Talks to Wendy About Her Upcoming Biopic and How Shockingly Violent Both Men Were (Video)

michelle-surviving-compton-video-still-2016-billboard-1548Leave it to Wendy Williams to get the pot stirrrrred!  Wendy was given an advanced copy of the Michel’le biopic and it was the best advertising Lifetime could have done.   The made for TV movie is called, Surviving Compton, Dre, Suge & Me.  And according to Wendy it ranks up there with the best.  Wendy described her advanced screening as nothing short of amazing.

As an NWA fan, I of course watched the movie “Straight out of Compton”.  I thought it was decent but despite the rave reviews, some critics thought that the movie glanced over Dr. Dre’s abusive behavior and for a brief moment there was some backlash and Dre issued what I called at the time, “The Perfect Apology“.

The producers of “Straight out of Compton” defend the script by explaining that they did not want to make the movie about Dre and to put details of Dre’s violent past in the film, would have made it more about the artist than the group.  It appears Dre, Suge & Me takes care of that with no problem.  The entire movie is centered on Suge and Dre’s violence towards Michel’le

Wendy said the Lifetime film was a 9.5 out of 10,

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this movie a 9.5.  I’m telling you right now…it’s good


Those who did not grow up in the NWA era, do not know of this version of Dre.  Dre 2.0 is rich, refined and hangs out with Jimmy Iovine and the heads of Apple.



The Dr. Dre from back in the day, blackened Michel’le’s eyes 5 times, cracked her ribs and fired shots at her.


Michel’le was extremely reavealing but the details of Dre’s behavior are crazy.  It’s hard to imagine that the Dre we know was that bad.


1.      Michel’le’s voice

Wendy does a good job of getting that out of the way during the interview.  She explains that she “talks over her larynx” but she sings from her diaphragm therefore her singing voice and speaking voice are vastly different.  She explains her voice in more detail in this video clip here.