TWO MATCHES IN ONE: Juan Manuel Lopez TKO’S Wilfredo Vasquez Jr. Then Charges his Trainer; But The Trainer Put Those Mittens On Him! (Watch KO & After Brawl)

After the weigh-in Lopez said,

Vazquez was interrupting at all times during the press conference.  He was singing out loud and during the face-to-face picture. He tried to kiss me and I did not permit (him to).

I understand that he’s afraid and what a better moment than in front of everybody, including the press, to release his emotions.


The two squared off in San Juan, Puerto Rico Saturday night at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum.  Lopez basically got out boxed early in the fight.  However, in the middle of the fight, Lopez appeared to change the tide and in the eleventh round it was clear that Vasquez was having trouble with his eye.  Lopez saw opportunity and went to work.

Some would say the ref prematurely stopped the fight (I would agree) but when Vazquez hit the ground amongst an onslaught of punches from Lopez the ref jumped in and stopped the fight.  Lopez wins by a TKO in the eleventh.  But it wasn’t over.

Vazquez’s trainer had something to say and Lopez was destined to shut him up. Lopez charges the corner and what we all see is that Vazquez’s trainer had mad squabbles!

He ducks the punch and hits Vazquez, bare knuckled with two lefts and a right before the ref jumps in and Lopez gets off some punches.  It’s just good stuff!  Watch the knockout, the charge to the corner and the trainer get off his flurry.

When it’s all over….the two somehow come together and make amends.  Thank God because the crowd was about to turn that place OUT!!  Watch!