WATCH: Ariana Grande Visited The ‘American Horror Story’ House, And She Was Absolutely Terrified! (VIDEO)


It’s Monday, and that usually means depression, laziness and a strong desire to end it all. But this Monday is a little different because it’s also Halloween, which means we can all distract ourselves from our crappy lives by eating 50 mini Snickers.

And while you eat your candy bars, you can keep yourself entertained by watching people get scared. One of those people being Ariana Grande. She looks like the type of person who would get scared by a ball of hair on the floor that resembles a spider.

During a special haunted visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Grande joined Ellen’s executive producer Andy  Lassner for a lovely little stroll through the American Horror Story Maze at Universal Horror Nights.


The 23-year-old singer tried to remain calm and polite during the visit, but she just couldn’t hide her extreme fear once those first scares came in. And she didn’t have much help with Andy. If you’ve been watching the Ellen show, you’ll know he’s probably more scared than Ariana.

At one point, Grande falls down to the ground she gets so scared. And obviously both her and Andy drop some delicious F-bombs. When The Addiction Demon pops out from inside the mattress, Andy yells, “Get the f–k in bed!

It’s good stuff. Ellen’s Halloween specials are always great.