Mariah Carey’s Thanksgiving Fail Is Too Much To Handle: Fans Call Her Out For Photoshopping Instagram Image (PHOTO INSIDE)


Oh, Mariah. Where did we go wrong? It seems like every celebrity is obsessed with looking perfect, and to be fair, the media has to take the blame for some of that. Gossip blogs are quick to hate on a celeb when they step outside looking less than their best, so it’s hard to blame celebrities for the crazy things they do to maintain that flawless image.

On Thursday, Mariah Carey was one of several celebrities posting Thanksgiving photos on Instagram. In the photo, you can see the 46-year-old singer holding a pie and a can of whipped cream.

And if you just glance at the photo, you’ll probably only notice the two things she clearly wants you to notice. However, if you look closely, you’ll see obvious signs of Photoshop.

You can see how the mirror is distorted above her shoulder, and even more obvious, the warped cabinet by her right knee.


Unless she’s going to Hogwarts, there’s no reason for the setting to look like this. One Instagram user wrote, “That’s got to be some of the worst photoshopping I’ve seen!” and another wrote, “Omlllll her body is sooooo perfect its [sic] bending cabinets and mirrors.”

But there were some people defending her, “Who cares? Newsflash [sic] people: all you filters and stuff…photoshop!!!”

That’s a good question. Who cares? ‘Cause Mariah doesn’t seem to give a turkey about it. She’s continuing to post photos on her account and has not deleted the photo in question. Ignoring the haters seems to be working well for her.

But Mariah, in the future, just know that…