He Can’t Let Her Go: Marc Anthony Is Reportedly Still Very Much In Love With Jennifer Lopez

Remember last month when Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez shared a kiss on stage at the 17th annual Latin Grammy awards? If you missed the special moment, you can check it out in the video above.

The only reason they kissed is because the crowd was chanting for them to kiss, and after the video went viral, they made sure everyone knew there was nothing romantic behind it. Or at least Jennifer Lopez made sure everyone knew that.

The kiss might have been more meaningful for Anthony. A source told Us Weekly that the 48-year-old singer is still in love with his ex-wife and has been trying to get her back for a few months now. You see, both stars are newly single.

Anthony separated from his third wife, Shannon De Lima, back in early November, and Lopez (we think) ended her relationship with Casper Smart back in August.

The source reveals that Anthony and De Lima’s marriage had been troubled for a long time. He was planning on leaving her, and when he heard that J-Lo was single, he wanted out of his marriage immediately. And while it’s not clear if Lopez shares these same feelings, we do know that she still loves and supports Anthony.

While giving her speech at the awards, she had this to say about Marc…

“Marc is a living legend. He is a magical and pure artist giving away classics that will stay forever. He will always be many things in my life.”

But will he be the thing he wants to be? Her lover? Probably not. I wouldn’t bet on it. In fact, I’d be shocked if she took him back.