Shia LaBeouf AGAIN! Proves Freestyle Skills Are Not a Fluke. Goes in on Hot 97, Drake and Lil Yachty on his latest Freestyle….and Lil Yachty RESPONDS! (Diss Track and Yachty Response Video)

I think he’s found a new career. I’m comfortable with the idea now. I think I’m ready to accept Shia LaBeouf the rapper.

…maybe not. nvm.


Lil Yachty Wants Shia To  Know Something..


For those who don’t know, that doll is Raggedy Ann!

TMZ caught up with Lil Yachty and of course they wanted to stir the pot.  Yachty was seen at LAX Friday and asked how he liked be referred to as “Lil Romeo meets Raggedy Ann”.

Here is his advice to Shia, “Stay in your lane”

And for those who just so happened to miss the first Freestyle – here is Shia Live in the Studio with Sway.

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