Chief Keef’s Ex Producer is Straight up Snitchin – He Alleges that he was Robbed & Beaten at Gunpoint By Keef and His Goons. LAPD is on the case. (SNITCH VIDEO)

While the backstory is still not clear, the front story appears to be crystal. Chief Keef and his Goons apparently ran up on his ex-producer and put hands on him and robbed him. The entire thing is pretty gangster.

It sounds like they have been watching too many movies. In real life people press charges and gangsters go to jail.

The producer goes by the name of Ramsay Tha Great. Typically when allegations of this nature are made, we wait just a day or so to see how true they are, but in this case, Ramsay comes off super believable.  He lit up social media with all the details.


Ramsay says that he was basically arguing with a family member by the name of Kelly.  She’s the one who then called Chief Keef.  Ramsay laid down to get some sleep and was awoken by Goons at his front door with guns.  They tuned him up, robbed him and then bounced….just like in the movies.

Ramsay hit up Instagram directly from the hospital to provide photos of the aftermath of the beat down and he told fans that he’s not with black on black violence, he’s with getting paid. He said,

“He (chief keef) is dumb enough to have a $6 million record deal and come in my house and jump me personally, some of that money is coming to me you goofy ass n***a.

Anybody who got anything to say about it, I don’t give a f**k. Suck my d**k. I’ma be laughing. All y’all little white kids, y’all just wanna keep the cycle going. All these little white kids, ‘You supposed to kill him, f**k the court s**t.’ F**k the court s**t? I’ finna win $300,000. What are you talking about.”

Here’s a splice of all the Instagram and Youtube videos together.



As of 10:00 PM January 20th, we reached out to the Media Relations Department and at least for now they would not confirm or deny that Chief Keef was a person of interest.

If Keef is arrested this could mean actual time in jail for the 21 year old. Armed robbery comes with a mandatory sentencing in most states. What good is $6 million dollars if you are sharing a bunk with Bubba.


You know I had to speak on it. Ramsay and Soulja Boy did a Mannequin challenge where they pulled out all their guns. How you going to be surrounded by all that gunplay but when you really need to pull out, you get beat down. Kudos for Ramsay for not turning to violence then it would have been two people in jail, someone dead or worse.

That’s why I have just a twitter finger and I use it to call in back up when needed.”9-1-1 Heeeelp”. Here’s the #manniquen challenge they posted on Instagram. SMH

Our mannequin challenge is still the best lol

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