Tiny Reveals that T.I. Was the one that Left Her and She Wants him Back During a “Live” rant. (VIDEO)

Live is bad for a lot of reasons, the first and most important being – there is no editing. There’s no editing and no taking anything back. For the regular person, it’s not that big a deal but for a celebrity you better believe someone is recording and someone is posting it to Youtube.

Now, there really isn’t too much of a story here. The entire rant is way too long (11 minutes) and it mainly consists of TINY in her country accent, going on about nonsense. Two minutes into the video she starts to go on about T.I. and you realize that she really wants him back.

In fact she tells him to comeback. For those who need help connecting the dots, that means he was the one that left, either that or she put him out and quickly regretted it.  Either way, the reason they are not together is by his choice and not hers.

What you also realize from watching this clip, is exactly why he left. If this rant is any indication of how she looked and sounded during their relationship, then I can’t blame T.I. that much for leaving. It took me 4 tries to make it through the 11 minute clip. BTW, you can turn it off after the 3:00 mark, at 215 she’s asking T.I. to come back and by 3:00 your brain is mush.

Although I have never found TINY to be an overly attractive lady, sometimes she looks way better than others.

I would say, riding in a car with the only the night lights highlighting part of her face, is not a good look for her. She’s like that Seinfeld “Two Face” episode. Classic! If I were her, I would want T.I. back too.  If I were T.I., I probably wouldn’t look back.

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