Chief Keef Arrested For Assaulting and Robbing Producer Ramsay Tha Great. Ramsay brags on social media and gets ROASTED for Snitching! (VIDEO AND CRAZY RESPONSES)

After the post, Instagram went in hard on the super producer.  The streets definitely have a code of conduct and going to the police is nowhere in that code.  Honestly, I was even surprised at how many people were not in favor of “snitching”.

___ac3___ Man you got life all fu_ked up. You a dead mother fuker. I alrdy know it. You one dead ass boy

heavyspitters Ok I dig u not a street nigga but u can’t be around street niggaz and not do street nigga sh_t…


6ix__mohamedStfu u lil bitch ass rat, u snitch nigga i wish u grt shot up bitch ass fat ugly dumpling. Racoon fuck boy stfu i wish u get beat to death or die

always_ampdU steal lean from kids .. then get a beating for disrespecting there aunt n got ur ass kicked then u snitch ..

djsammysosaIt ain’t cool but you’re a fucking rat!! Stop tryna explain yourself!!!

What do you think? Was he a snitch or just a citizen with rights?

WATCH NOW: Chief Keef and the Glo Gang getting Arrested in Tarzana