Mary J Blige Tweets and Deletes About Her New Young Boo Thing. 5 Facts You Should Know About Jason Mitchell (Facts and Deleted tweets)

The police report says other guests could hear the victim screaming for help in the hallway, and The Ritz has since banned Mitchell.

Of course there are 1000 stories on the allegations but I could not find one piece of information confirming if the charges were dropped, which I think they were.

FACT 5: Jason has a busy 2017, which means he’s “MAKING HIS OWN MONEY”

This is much better then Mary’s Ex, Kendu!

Jason landed a part in last year’s “Barry”, a movie about Obama and this year he has a part in the newest King Kong installment ‘Skull Island.

He will also play a role in an upcoming project starting joey Boyega about the Detroit Riots.  As they say in Hollywood, book your next gig, before your current gig is released.  Jason seems to be closely following that advice.


I say, “Mary… go girl”.  He’s young, he’s working and if you are happy then get yours.  Let’s just hope this hotel incident is behind him.  And Mary, I ‘m sure if you waned to stay at the Ritz Carlton, you can just book the room under your name!

Go Mary…Go Mary ..Go, Go, Go!