Steve Harvey Without A Mustache Is Freaking Terrifying, And Twitter Is Having A Blast With It….We Got The Best Memes For Your Entertainment!

Steve Harvey is already a pretty scary dude. He’s one of the most ignorant people on television. If you need proof of this, you can check out the video above.

The only thing Harvey has going for him is his mustache. It’s a glorious ‘stache, we are not afraid to admit that, even if he does take a sharpie to it every few hours. If he didn’t have such a great mustache, he would not be as popular or successful.

And that’s a fact, because this creepy a** Photoshopped picture of the comedian without a mustache is absolutely terrifying. A horror film could be created around this photo.

The photo quickly went viral and people on Twitter had A LOT of fun with it. Check out some of our favorite memes below…