DID YOU HEAR IT? 50 Cents Son Releases a Diss Record about His Father. Fire or Nah? (VIDEO)

If you have been following along, then you know t’s been quite the saga between 50 Cent and his son. Earlier this week we reported that the “King of Petty”, stopped following his son on Instagram.  Maybe that’s because he knew the diss track was coming.

The beef between 50 and his son is very real. One of our best posts last year was when the two got into a social medial war and then 50 Cent’s baby’s mama came out and spilled the beans of how she took care of 50 before he had a record deal when he was broke.  Many people thought it was embarrassing for 50, but I just thought it was real AF.

That’s what a real woman does for her man.

Then she took to twitter:

Needless to say her mindset and how she thinks about 50 has been passed down to her son Marquise.

Marquise decided that he would use a tactic from his Dad and make his rap debut a diss track.  For those who don’t know, 50’s first big single was called “How to Rob an Industry N*gga”.  50 took shots at everyone from Puff Daddy to Ghostface Killah.  It’s crazy how many people have never heard this before.


This is a single from his upcoming mixtape entitled Escape.  At first I was eagerly awaiting the project.  Then I heard this.  Now not so much. In fact….not at all.