Jim Jones 10feb2017

Jim Jones Breaks down in Tears during Epic, Emotional Interview with Funk Flex. Explains why he signed to Roc nation, Beef with Cam and How he Started Love and Hip Hop (Video)

We all heard the rumors that Jim Jones might be signing to Roc Nation.  Then yesterday it finally happened.  Without any of the behind the scenes details, fans were left wondering how the deal was made.  Didn’t Jimmy have beef with just about everyone in the industry?

This week, Jim sat down with Flex and the two chopped it up.  I have to say this was one epic interview.  The issue I have is that it’s over 1 hr long and nobody has 1 hour and 26 minutes.  The best thing I could do for the fans is to have the video in it’s entirety and also chop it up into pieces that might be better viewed for people short on time.

If you have an hour to kill the full video is at the end of the post.  You can jump there now (click here)

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Fortunately some of the best parts of the interview is when Jimmy sheds tears.

FIRST BREAK DOWN – Jim talks about his passion and love for the Dilomats

SECOND BREAK DOWN – Jim talks about how it felt that Cam never popped up at one of his concerts.