Meek Mill Is A Fool, Makes Homeless Man Do 20 Pushups For $20, We Got The Deleted Video Inside!

Meek Mill might be the world’s luckiest millionaire. He should wake up thanking God every single day for all the luck he has blessed him with. Mill should be giving back to the community every chance he gets.

But instead, he’s making homeless people participate in some sick games. The Philly rapper posted a series of videos (that have now been deleted) to his Instagram account.

In the video, Mill walks up to a homeless man and tells him, “We ain’t giving out no free money,” and then instructs him to do 10 pushups for $20. The homeless dude was obviously desperate for cash, so he got down on the ground and knocked out 20 pushups.

And as you can see from the video, the homeless dude was not in good shape. He looked cold, his hands were shaking, he could barely speak…and Mill was just using him for entertainment. It’s pretty sick sh*t.

Thankfully, the internet is sticking up for the homeless man. They’re going in hard on Mill…