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OFF THE MARKET! Tyrese Ties the knot in a Secret Wedding & Upsets Some Females with a Hashtag! (VIDEO AND WEDDING PHOTOS)

Yes, this was a surprise to us all.  For someone who seems to not be able to resist being on social media, Tyrese was very successfully able to keep his marriage under wraps.  He revealed on Instagram on Tuesday that he got married on Valentine’s Day.


Tyrese did not reveal who she was.  As if we are not going to find out in the next 24 hours.  The two were first photographed together at the 33rd Annual UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball in Atlanta, back in December of last year.  It’s not clear how long before then the two were an item.

Just two weeks ago he was on Wendy Williams.  It’s a good interview because Tyrese talks about his private life and his HOUSE.  He has a Benihana Restaurant at HIS HOUSE!!

Wendy says, “That Fast and Furious Money is GOOD!”  when Tyrese talks about having a house party; he must have been referring to his wedding reception.

At 7:08 into the interview Wendy talks about dating and his current relationship and Tyrese says,

“There has only been one woman that has been around my daughter”

Wendy then asks it was serious and if he would like to marry this woman.  Watch:

Now looking back it seems inevitable that Tyrese would be tying the knot real soon.  However, I don’t think anyone expected it would just be the following week.


Tyrese posted a montage on Instagram to let everyone know about his nuptials. The video starts off with “Mark 10:8 And the two will become #OneFlesh | – Mr & Mrs Gibson……. #MyBlackQueen

That’s not him singing it’s actually country singer Brian Courtney Wilson, but I’m still trying to confirm this.

Here is the montage.  UPDATE:LOOKS LIKE THE MONTAGE HAS BEEN DELETED!!! After just one day it appears that it has been deleted from both his Facebook and his Instagram.  I wonder if the backlash was too much?   What backlash you ask?…..keep reading.  But first…..We have the Montage!

I downloaded it and uploaded it on Youtube just in case.  I’m not new to this, I’m true to this gossip stuff!