tyrese Married 5

OFF THE MARKET! Tyrese Ties the knot in a Secret Wedding & Upsets Some Females with a Hashtag! (VIDEO AND WEDDING PHOTOS)

You can see the broken Instagram link below……and also the crazy backlash.  The comments below were on his Facebook page which have all since been removed as well.  Luckily I screen shot some of them.



Yes, that comes with some controversy.  We don’t know who this woman is, but already there were more than a few people upset, as Tyrese has been outspoken and a strong advocate of African American relationships.  She could absolutely be black or biracial; but hash-tagging #myblackqueen brought on the hater-aide

On his facebook page, women could not hold back, despite us not really knowing what the new Mrs. Gibson’s race really is:

And that’s just a small sampling of the angry black women on his Facebook page.

For the most part, the posts are congratulatory and rightly so.  Love is so hard to find, in the end, it’s nobody’s business but yours who you marry; male or female, white, black or purple. However, and a big However, when Tyrese preaches about black love and marriage, it will no doubt hit a lot softer then before.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!!

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