Faizon Love From The Movie ‘Elf’ Attacked A Dude At The Airport, And The Surveillance Video Is Pretty Shocking…WATCH IT INSIDE!

You probably don’t know Faizon Love by name, but you’ll probably recognize his face, especially if you’re a fan of the Christmas classic, Elf.  He played the store’s toy department manager in the movie. We got the clip for you at the top of this page to refresh your memory.

Remember him now? Well, he’s been making appearances at comedy clubs around the country recently, and during a stop in Ohio, Mr. Love lost his freaking mind.

He got into an argument with a valet at John Glenn Columbus International Airport on Tuesday. In the video below, you’ll watch as Love throws the 24-year-old dude around like a rag doll.

It’s not exactly clear what caused the fight, but we know Love was still extremely pissed, even after he was arrested for assault. After he was released from jail, Love told reporters that “someone lost their cool, and someone got taught a lesson.”

Well, damn then. Don’t mess with Faizon. Dude will f**k your a** up.