Ouch! 911 Audio Reveals Robin Thicke’s 6-Year-Old Son HATES Visiting His Father, Cops Called To Park To Enforce Restraining Order! (AUDIO)

This can’t make Robin Thicke feel good. He has been battling Paula Patton for several months. They have been trying to work out a custody arrangement for their 6-year-old son, Julian. The battled started off pretty nasty, but sources they’ve been trying to settle rather than fight here recently.

But the battle might be back on after TMZ got their hands on this 911 audio. In the audio, the voice you hear is Paula Patton’s nanny. She is informing a 911 dispatcher that Julian is crying and throwing a fit at a park in Malibu because he doesn’t want to visit with his father.

She then tells the dispatcher that there is a restraining order in place, and Thicke was violating it by being at the park while they were there.

So why is Julian so afraid of his father? Well, DCFS is currently investigating claims Thicke used excessive physical punishment on Julian. We don’t know the details behind the investigation, but if Thicke is aggressive with his son, that would certainly explain the fear.

In the past, Robin has claimed Patton is trying her best to drive a wedge between him and Julian. She is allegedly “emotionally abusing” him.

We’ll keep you posted on this developing situation.