Damn…Viral Cooking Star Auntie Fee On Life Support After Heart Attack At Age 59

We got some upsetting news to report. You all should remember Auntie Fee. The YouTube cooking guru who went viral in 2014 after she made a hilarious expletive-filled video on how to make sweet treats for kids.

From there, she released more videos, made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel and developed her own online cooking show, where she’s had a few celebrity guests join her, including Sherri Shepherd.

She also has a website where she sells aprons, t-shirts and spices, “Life experience has Auntie Fee doing what she loves, ‘Cookin’ and Cussin,’ which has proven to be helpful and entertaining to her fans all over the world,” the website reads.

Auntie Fee is one of the few viral celebs who handled their fame the right way, which is one of the reasons we’re so sad to hear that she’s fighting for her life.

According to a report from TMZ, Fee was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday after suffering a heart attack. She is currently on life support and her family is asking for all the prayers you care to give.

Not much else is being reported at this time, but we will update this post when more is released. For now, enjoy the most recent video she posted to her YouTube channel…