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Racist Man In New Jersey Goofs After Giving Out His Address During Disgusting Rant Against Black Neighbor

There’s a decent chance you’ve seen the viral video going around showing a white man in New Jersey harassing his black neighbor with just about every racist remark known to man.

The bizarre encounter went down in Mount Laurel, New Jersey on Friday. In the clip, the white dude, Edward Cagney Mathews, calls his black neighbor the n-word multiple times. He also calls him a monkey and questions whether the neighbor knows America’s laws, saying, “this isn’t Africa.”

It’s truly disgusting.

That’s one of the most racist rants we’ve seen in a long time. During the rant, Mathews told the person filming exactly where he lives and encouraged people to visit to find out “what he’s about.”

And boy, did people show up. A huge group of people protested outside his home for two days straight. The situation was super tense, and eventually cops arrived to take Mathews to jail, although it’s unclear if they did that more for his protection.

The protesters threw water bottles and garbage at him as he left with the police, and honestly, I don’t give a sh*t. They could have thrown rocks at him and I wouldn’t care. He invited them! HE WAS GONNA SHOW THEM WHAT HE’S ABOUT!

We’ll see what happens with this story. I’m sure Mathews will get charged with something soft, but one thing’s for sure, he can’t go back to his house. This dude will have to move…far away, and he’ll live the rest of his life in obscurity.