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Playing Yourself: Tulsa’s “Most Wanted” Gets Herself Busted After Responding To Facebook Post About Reward Money

No one said criminals were smart. A woman from Oklahoma named Lorraine Graves is behind bars today after playing herself on social media.

The dumb drama started when the Tulsa Police Department posted their ‘Weekly Most Wanted’ and wouldn’t you know it, the criminal this week was Graves. She was wanted for accessory to murder in a homicide that went down earlier this year.

Graves saw this post and decided to comment on it. She asked, “What’s where’s the reward money at,” from her very own Facebook page.

The post was quickly flooded with comments from others … including a woman who said, ‘Giiiiirl you better stay off social media they can track you!!’ A man responded, ‘Ain’t gonna be as funny when you get processed.’ The post drew around 1,200 comments.

And they were right. It didn’t take long for them to track her down via the Facebook comment. In fact, it was just one day later when detectives were able to locate her.

She was arrested and charged with accessory to murder. Her bond has been set at $500,000.

Two other suspects had previously been arrested earlier this year and were reportedly hit with murder charges for a shooting that killed a 30-year-old man at an apartment complex.

No word on if she received any reward money for turning herself in, but if she did, we doubt it was anywhere close to the $500k she needs for freedom now.

What a ride.

If you’re planning on a life of crime, make sure you stay off social media. You think them outlaws of the west would have been tweeting with their loot after robbing a bank? Hell no. They would be riding a horse in Nowhere Montana, burying a large portion of the money in some hole.