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Fans Are Scratching Their Heads After Tyra Banks Wears Gown In Hot Tub With Megan Thee Stallion

Well, Megan Thee Stallion and Tyra Banks sat down (in a hot tub) recently to discuss Stallion’s 2021 cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

The 26-year-old artist talked about her career and her stance on body positivity. It was actually a really cool interview and it looked like they bonded during the talk.

But all fans could notice was that Banks was in a ballgown complete with padded shoulders. Not exactly your typical hot tub attire.

Of course, people on Twitter had something to say about this. One user wrote, “Tyra Banks sitting in a hot tub fully clothed was not on my July Bingo card.”

Another user chimed in, “Tyra Banks interviews Megan Thee Stallion in a hot tub — because! Of course! PLEASE tell me Tyra is wearing a full-on dress.”

And one more, “This is so Tyra Banks of her to wear a full maxi-dress in a hot tub she is so chaotic.” 

We may never know why Banks decided to take a dip inside a hot rub with a full-on ballgown, but hey, she had people talking. Sometimes that’s all you want to do.

By the way, Stallion told Banks that she remembers looking at her on the cover of Sports Illustrated back in the ’90s.

So crazy because I remember looking at you on the cover of Sports Illustrated [in 1997] and I was like this is gonna be me one day. I’m gonna do this. This woman is so gorgeous. I feel like we have the same body type. Yes, boobs — we got a lot of boobs. And I was so inspired and I can’t believe now I’m actually doing it.

Ah, yes. Boobs.

That’s a lot of boob.