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Kevin Hart And Don Cheadle Have Hilariously Awkward Exchange After Don Reveals His Age

Oh lawd. If you don’t watch anything else today, you need to watch this exchange between Kevin Hart and Don Cheadle.

On a recent episode of Kevin Hart’s Peacock talk show, Hart to Heart, the 42-year-old comedian interviewed the legendary Don Cheadle.

It was all going well until Cheadle revealed his age, saying, “And me, you know, I’m 56-years-old,” which sparked a “DAMN!” reaction from Hart.

Cheadle seemed hurt by the comment and just stared at Hart. There was like three solid seconds of awkward silence before Hart said, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry because it was a thought…”

Don looked at the ground and then waved Hart off, “I don’t care,” but Hart continued to explain, “It was a thought, and I blurted it out. I did not mean it that way.”

That’s when Don replied with, “We’ll take a poll on how you meant it with people here later after the show’s over’s, but…”

YIKES! Yes, it’s as awkward as it sounds, but then it actually becomes hilarious as they’re trying to remember exactly how Hart’s “Damn!” sounded. I’ll be honest with you, this reminded me of arguments I’ve had with my girl.

I’ll say something, she’ll take it the wrong way, and then we’re both doing impressions on how I said whatever it was that hurt her. WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE!

The good news is that it looks like Cheadle and Hart are cool with each other. Cheadle responded to the viral clip on social media, writing, “I think this is my favorite interview ever. ‘damn!'” he also added a bunch of laughing-with-tears emojis.