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Porsha Williams Makes It Clear: If You Have A Big Butt, You Might Have A Little Gut!

The Kardashians have started this trend around the world of people wanting huge butts, big ol’ boobs, but a completely flat stomach. It’s basically an impossible body type to reach without surgery. A dangerous surgery, I might add.

But still, because everyone wants to be an Instagram model, women around the world are risking their lives just to look like a Kardashian.

Porsha Williams ain’t one of those women, though. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star jumped on her Instagram account on Wednesday to share a photo of herself wearing a tight dress.

She captioned the photo:

PSA: If you have ass and have not had lip or tummy tuck dis what yo stomach and body gone look like! Get whatever surgery you want but at least remember if you have a fupa or gut it’s OKKKKK? I was just trying on my @amazon dress and figured I would share that?,” she captioned her post adding hashtags #Willdelete, #PositiveMessage and #InReal Life. 

It’s an important message to share, and more celebrities/models should be sharing it.

Call me an old man, but I think Instagram is the devil. You got people sharing their best photos, their best edits, their best lives…NONE OF IT IS REAL! And we might realize this as adults, but what about our kids? This is what they are growing up thinking is the norm.

For what it’s worth, people were very encouraging of Porsha in the comments. Lesliee Redmond wrote, “Love this sis and this reminder is needed.”

Too bad more people won’t hop on this trend.