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This Is America: Korn’s Jonathan Davis Returns To Stage, But Needs Oxygen Mask To Do It (VIDEO)

If it feels like we’re living in bizarre times, it’s because we are. As a deadly pandemic continues to spread across the nation, people are largely pretending as if it’s not there so they can continue to live their normal lives.

As those freedom addicts will tell you, “I WAS LOCKED UP AND MUZZLED FOR A YEAR! NO MORE!”

So it’s business as usual for most of the country. Bands are still touring and drawing massive crowds, including Korn. Yeah, they’re still around, and still oddly popular.

The lead singer of the band, Jonathan Davis, got COVID-19 earlier this month, and it him pretty hard. He was down for a couple weeks, but he returned to the stage on Friday night in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park.

But video from the concert shows he was clearly not 100%. Heck, he barely looked 50%. He took a lot of breaks during the show to enjoy some pure oxygen through a mask while sitting on a huge throne. He spent a lot of time sitting on the throne.

He told the crowd, “I’m f**king feeling very weak but I f**king refuse to cancel!!!”

It’s truly insane. He got the virus, it f**ked him up, he’s still having trouble breathing and can’t perform without oxygen, and yet he still wants to gather all these people so they can spread that same virus even more? Oh, and we have to pretend he’s a f**king badass for doing it?


And if you’re thinking, “Well, maybe he can’t afford to cancel the shows. Maybe he needs the money.”

Nah, dude is worth around $50 million. He’s doing just fine.