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La La Anthony And Kevin Hart Roast Terrence J For Not Knowing What A Labia Is

Apparently, Kevin Hart hosts a show called ‘Celebrity Game Face‘ on E! — I had no idea this was a thing, but after watching the clip above, I kinda want to see what I’ve been missing out on.

During the latest episode, Terrence J and Leonard Ouzts were competing against Desus Nice, The Kid Mero, King Bach and Casper Smart. They were all playing a special game of “Hit ‘Em Up”, which is where each team calls someone and has to bait them into saying mystery words selected by another team.

Terrence and Leonard decided to call La La Anthony, and the two words they needed her to say? Liposuction and labia.

They got “liposuction” pretty easily, but labia? Well, poor Terrence didn’t even know what the word was. He blanked and looked around for help. Thankfully his partner knew what a labia was, but they still couldn’t get La La to say it.

Terrence had to Google what the word meant during the phone call, “When did they teach this?” he asked. He also pronounced it terribly wrong, which made everyone laugh.

Everyone was clowning on this dude, including La La who said, “A man that claims to know a woman’s body so well doesn’t know a labia?!”

It’s a fair question. How you gonna truly please a woman if you don’t know what all her parts are called? How did Terrence go 39 years never hearing the word labia?

Honestly, I think this shows how terrible sex education is in this country. People don’t know sh*t about sex. That’s why so many young people are getting pregnant. When you act like sex is too taboo to talk about, then you’re gonna have a country full of people like Terrence who don’t know what a freaking labia is.