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Ice-T And Coco’s Daughter Teaches Grandmother How To Twerk During Thanksgiving

We knew Ice-T and Coco Austin had their own (unique?) parenting techniques. You’ll remember that Coco came under fire last year for still breastfeeding her 4-year-old daughter.

Well, now that same daughter, Chanel, is teaching grandmother Tina Austin, how to twerk.

The whole family celebrated Thanksgiving together this past week, and on Friday (November 26) Coco went on her Instagram Stories to share a hilarious clip of her daughter and her cousins attempting to teach grandma Tina how to twerk.

Twerking? You’re teaching Mom how to twerk?” Coco laughed while filming the entire lesson. They even had grandma down on her hands, “Oh my god. This is what you do when family’s over. Oh my gosh,” Coco said from behind the camera.

We’re sure some people will question Coco’s parenting once again. A lot of, “Why does your daughter even know how to twerk?” comments. I suppose it’s a fair question, but at the same time, it’s the adults adding the weirdness to it. The daughter just thought it was a funny dance to show grandma.

In any event, they didn’t spend their entire week twerking off the calories from Thanksgiving dinner. They also made special “Austin Boston” s’mores.

The marshmallows are roasted over the family’s indoor fireplace! Using kitchen utensils, Coco and Chanel melted the sweets for their s’mores, with the five-year-old shrieking in delight whenever the marshmallows caught fire in the flames.

Hey, we’re just glad no one got hurt during these events. Twerking and indoor s’mores? They were lucky to escape without any pulled muscles and burned fingers.