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Kanye West Begs To God For His Family Back, Meanwhile His New Boo Says She’s Confident In Relationship

Kanye West is still very much in love with Kim Kardashian. Or who knows, maybe love is a strong word. There’s a decent chance Kanye only truly loves himself. So maybe he’s just obsessed with Kim. It’s difficult to tell.

In any event, he has made it clear several times that he wants his family back, and he just recently made a public plea to God on his Instagram account.

He screen grabbed photos from Kim’s recent Vogue photoshoot with their kids, and he captioned the post, “GOD PLEASE BRING OUR FAMILY BACK TOGETHER”

Yikes. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that message, but remember, Kanye is in a new relationship with Julia Fox. They have been dating for a little over a month now.

So how does Fox feel about all this? Well, she remains confident. During a recent episode of the ‘Call Her Daddy‘ podcast, Fox had this to say…

I’m sure there’s still some residual feelings, and that’s normal, it’s human. I also know that he’s with me now. And that’s all that matters. I call him my boyfriend and he calls me his girlfriend.

This episode was recorded before Kanye’s most recent plea, so who knows if Fox’s opinion on the matter has changed. It can’t be easy for her knowing Kanye would drop her in a minute if Kim wanted him back.

The good news for Fox is that Kim does NOT want Kanye back. She was interviewed by Vogue, and she talked about how she’s finally living for herself…

For so long, I did what made other people happy, and I think in the last two years I decided, I’m going to make myself happy. And that feels really good. And even if that created changes and caused my divorce, I think it’s important to be honest with yourself about what really makes you happy. I’ve chosen myself. I think it’s okay to choose you.