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Travis Barker Tests Positive For COVID-19 Just Weeks After Hospital Scare

Looks like Travis Barker just can’t catch a break in the health department. The 46-year-old dummer and now husband of Kourtney Kardashian was hospitalized for “life-threatening” pancreatitis back in late June. He was in the hospital for around a week before being released.

Ever since then, he’s been trying his best to recover, and just recently he had agreed to join Machine Gun Kelly on tour.

MGK claims he did this despite health experts warning him not to, “Against his doctor’s orders AND with a broken thumb, I convinced @travisbarker to come join us for the last couple days.”

Call me a loser if you must, but I’m not sure I’d be bragging about doing something against my doctor’s orders, as if that’s a sign of being a badass.

Anyway, it looks like his time on tour will be cut short anyway because on August 18, Barker took to social media to let his fans know he has COVID-19. He shared a shirtless photo of himself playing with drumsticks, “Covid sucks. I’d rather be playing drums,” he captioned the photo.



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It seems likely he got the illness while on tour, but obviously we can’t say that for sure. No word on if Kourtney also has COVID.

Hopefully his body has recovered enough from the pancreatitis scare to fight off COVID!

I always feel bad when I see him having health problems because the dude has already been through so much. I mean, he survived a freaking plane crash! Geez. Not many people can say that.