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Grown Man Drake Covers Up Taylor Swift’s Name On The Charts With Emojis Because He Can’t Take An “L”

Drake was once known as the sensitive rapper who connected with women. He cared about them like no other rapper did before, you know? He wanted to use them, but in a sincere, caring way.

These days? He’s entering his villain era. The 36-year-old adult man went on his Instagram Stories this week to post a screenshot of the top 10 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. And to his credit, he and 21 Savage had every spot, except one and ten.

And guess who was in the number one spot? Taylor Swift. Her ‘Anti-Hero‘ track has occupied the number one spot for weeks now, and it looks like it’s starting to mess with Drake’s head because he decided to cover up her name with a string of emojis.

A popcorn emoji, a magic eight ball, a man getting a head massage, a man meditating and a laughing/sweating face. We’re not exactly sure what those emojis are supposed to represent because we’re not fluent in texting like a teenager.

But it was definitely some sort of shade because Drake did not cover up the name of Sam Smith, who was in the tenth spot.

And get this, the producer of Drake’s album also dissed Swift by writing, “The world knows what the real #1 song is… #RichFlex…No tricks on this side.”  —

Oh, and also, Drake has reportedly unfollowed Swift on Instagram.

It’s a hilarious situation because Drake is legit following the handbook of a 16-year-old girl who is pissed because her best friend was named captain of the cheerleading team.

It’s also funny because Drake’s producer seems to be implying Swift is only at the top due to her releasing so many songs/albums, but Drake and Swift have actually released the same amount of studio albums this decade.

But hey, I doubt Swift cares too much about this weird beef. She’s been pretty busy this week shutting down Ticketmaster with sales for her upcoming Eras Tour.