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Hawks Announcer Bob Rathbun Has Terrifying On-Air Emergency, Passes Out On Camera

Yikes. This video is a bit hard to watch, so just a warning before you click on that “play” button above.

Atlanta Hawks announcer Bob Rathbun was speaking with color commentator Dominique Wilkins before Monday night’s game against the Thunder.

During their conversation, Rathbun passed out in his chair and started convulsing. The incident was briefly caught on camera before they cut away.

Medical personnel rushed to his side and started to treat him immediately. He was then transported to the hospital. According to a statement released by the team, the 68-year-old announcer was simply dehydrated.

Prior to tonight’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, play-by-play announcer Bob Rathbun briefly lost consciousness on the court. Emergency medical professionals on-site quickly treated Rathbun for dehydration. He is stable, responsive and heading to Emory Midtown for further evaluation.

Scary stuff. It seems like ‘dehydration” gets blamed a lot, which makes you want to go down a gallon of water right now, huh? Geez.

Hopefully it truly was just dehydration and not anything more serious. Lauren Jbara was able to fill in for him at the last minute to call the game. The Hawks ended up losing 121-114, not that it really matters.

Here’s to hoping he makes a full recovery!