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911 Call From Jeremy Renner’s Accident Reveals Gruesome Details On His Injuries… YIKES!

We are learning more about Jeremy Renner’s horrific snowplow accident, and honestly, the details are tough to even read about.

According to TMZ, they obtained a log from the 911 call, and according to them, Renner can be heard moaning in pain in the background. The call also notes he was bleeding heavily from his head and that he was “completely crushed” by the machine and was having extreme difficulty breathing.

But even more gruesome, the caller states that the right side of Renner’s chest had collapsed, which just sounds absolutely horrifying.

Safe to say, Renner is extremely lucky to be alive. Some reports say the pilot of the helicopter was worried they wouldn’t be able to land, and if that were the case, Renner may not be alive today. He also may not have survived if his doctor neighbor didn’t place a tourniquet on his leg to stop some of the bleeding.

The good news is that doctors expect the 51-year-old actor to make a full recovery. We don’t know how long the recovery will take, but thankfully he’s a wealthy dude, so he doesn’t need to rush back to work.

Yesterday, Renner posted another video from his hospital bed in the ICU. In the clip, his sister is washing his hair for him. The shampoo is covered by a cap. We’re assuming they have to be very careful not to get any of the wounds on his body too wet.

Renner was thankful for the “shower” though. He hadn’t had one in a week. Safe to say, he’s taking this a lot better than most people. If he can keep up this positive attitude, we’re sure he will indeed make a full recovery.