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Chris Brown Flexes His “Department Store” Closet, But The Internet Is Not Impressed!

Chris Brown has a lot of clothes. Like a lot. The 33-year-old singer/dancer recently gave his fans a video tour of the “department store” he had built outside his home to store all his clothing.

He spoke in the video, saying, “Department store outside of my house, let me show y’all what this look like,” and then turned the camera around to show a long hallway with racks of coats, which opens to a white, warehouse-style building packed with racks and racks of clothing.

Hundreds, if not thousands of hoodies and shirts are visible as the ‘Under the Influence’ singer pans the camera around the room, which barely had any space to walk due to the amount of racks squeezed into the space.

Brown talked to the camera, “I got drip man, come and see me,” but it doesn’t look like the internet is impressed.

In fact, lots of people in the comments started trolling him by comparing his “department store” to TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

One fan commented: “It might be Drip but it’s organized like Marshalls”

Another user wrote: “Chris That’s A lot clothes but get somebody to organize all that stuff, It’s giving Burlington Coat Factory vibes or Walmart after on Black Friday vibes.”

And a third person commented: “thought it would look like a Gucci store it’s giving tj maxx gold collection … it needs some organising.”

Honestly, they’re not wrong. It’s even got the weird lighting. How does he find anything in there? It’s a pretty gross sign of extreme wealth, but obviously Brown ain’t the only celebrity with lots of clothes. You ever watch those videos on YouTube with the tours of celebrity homes? They always have like 200 shoes in their closet. HOW MANY FEET DO THEY HAVE?

I have one pair of shoes, and I know it’s time to replace them when I start feeling concrete on the sole of my foot.