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Drake Just Dropped $150,000 For A Two-Night Stay At The Most Expensive Hotel In New York City

In some places in America, you can still buy a house for $150,000, but New York City is not one of those places. Instead, NYC is home to the most expensive hotel room in America.

The penthouse, which boasts 10,000 square feet, goes for $75,000 a night! It features five bedrooms, six bathrooms, four fireplaces, a steam room, a dining room that can hold 24 guests, full kitchen, a grand piano and a balcony with some truly incredible views.

But who could possibly afford this place? Well, Drake can. He rented out the exclusive penthouse at the Mark Hotel for two nights. He was in town to perform two shows at the Apollo Theater.

And when he wasn’t onstage, he was entertaining lots of people inside the penthouse. After his first show, he had a pretty big bash, and sources say he pulled out all the stops. Lots of food, drinks and special gifts to thank his friends for their support throughout the years.

For his closest friends, he rented them out rooms in the same hotel. It appears this trip acted as a “thank you” to his entourage.

Singer Sam Smith was also staying at the hotel for his ‘Saturday Night Live’ appearance, according to sources, and had to deal with the fans and paparazzi chaos that came in the wake of Drake every time they went out.

Damn. They could have at least invited him to the party.

If you’re wondering, Drake has a net worth close to $300 million, so he can easily afford a two-night stay here. But still, even if I had $300 million, I don’t think I could justify this. Like yeah, I’d splurge, but $75k a night? I don’t think any spot is worth that, unless it was located on the moon or some shit.