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Drake Hangs Up On YouTuber “iShowSpeed” After Things Get Weird With “Sexy” Compliment

Drake is a man of the people. Even though he’s one of the biggest artists in the world, he’s not afraid to make a random appearance on someone’s livestream.

For example, Drake made YouTube star iShowSpeed’s dreams come true on Wednesday night when he made a surprise appearance on his livestream. The streamer, who is known for video game play, was beyond excited when Drake popped in.

And at first, things were going well. iShowSpeed is apparently a huge soccer fan, and he asked Drake to pick between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Oh man, that’s a sticky one. Probably for me, probably Ronaldo, to be honest. I know that’s probably not gonna go over well. I know it’s Messi’s moment right now but for me, I’ve always just been a Ronaldo fan. I’m like you.

This nearly made iShowSpeed wet himself. “You a Ronaldo fan too, bruh? Damn, bruh. F**k.” He then called Drake special, and Drake was nice enough to return the kind words, telling iShowSpeed that he’s proud of his growth on YouTube.

But then things took a hilariously awkward turn. For some reason, iShowSpeed decided to gush over Drake’s voice.

Bro, your voice is so sexy. Like, how is it so smooth like that? How your voice so smooth like that, bruh?

Drake laughed for a second, but then almost instantly clicked out of the FaceTime session and ended the call, which prompted a huge freakout from iShowSpeed.

I didn’t mean — I said it wrong, bruh. I meant to say his voice is smooth, but I said it wrong. On God, I said it bad.

Man. I really hope this wasn’t some planned skit. I hope this was 100% real. LET ME DREAM THIS WAS REAL!