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‘Jackass’ Star Bam Margera Arrested Once Again For Public Intoxication

Here we go again. ‘Jackass‘ star Bam Margera is in a downward spiral that just won’t quit. On Wednesday (March 29) the 43-year-old star was eating inside a Thai restaurant in Los Angeles with his estranged wife, Nicole Boyd, and their 5-year-old son, Phoenix.

At some point, Margera started yelling inside the restaurant and causing a scene, so the cops were called. Officers tried to diffuse the situation, but apparently Bam was too drunk to reason.

They had to arrest him and he was booked for misdemeanor public intoxication. In an Instagram Live video snapped by a comedian named Evan Breen, who was also at the restaurant, you can see a visibly upset Bam storming in and out of the eatery.

It’s not clear if Bam was fighting with his ex in the restaurant or if he was yelling at the staff. You’ll remember, Nicole filed for legal separation from Bam back in February after she claims Bam showed up drunk during a planned visit with their son.

In addition to this arrest, Bam was also arrested earlier this month for domestic violence. He allegedly kicked his current girlfriend during a heated argument. He posted a $50,000 bail the next day. We’re not sure how he still has money. Perhaps one of his friends bailed him out.

In any event, the dude is just a complete mess. He has escaped court-ordered rehab more than three times. He was then sent to an outpatient program, but just a few days later, he was photographed having drinks at a bar.

He’s hit rock bottom so many times and it just doesn’t seem to have an impact on him.