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Has Emily Ratajkowski Secretly Been Dating Harry Styles For Two Months Now?

A little over a week ago, Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski were spotted making out (quite sloppily) in Tokyo. It shocked the world, and apparently Olivia Wilde as well, who previously dated Harry for two years. They broke up a handful of months ago, but Wilde is reportedly friends with Emily, so she felt blindsided by the news.

And she might feel even more betrayed today because some fans believe Emily and Harry actually started dating around two months ago.

You see, Emily appeared on the ‘Going Mental With Eileen Kelly‘ podcast back on March 9 (two weeks before she was caught kissing Harry) and she talked about a “great” man she had recently started seeing.

I just started dating someone that I think I like, so that is different. But if you had been talking to me four weeks ago, absolutely. I would be seeing someone and then suddenly the way he would walk would be like, ugh.

At the time, some people thought she may have been talking about comedian Eric Andre, but now we have learned she actually broke up with him around Valentine’s Day.

This means it’s highly likely Emily has been dating Harry since late February. And it just might be a match made in heaven for the model/actress, because she has previously talked about wanting to find a man who has his own life going on.

I’m looking for someone who is independent, someone who has a full life. I’m hoping that dating someone that has more of their own life will prevent the issues I had before.

We’ll see where this relationship goes, but for right now, it looks good on them.

Okay… maybe not good, but passionate?