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Jeremy Renner Reveals His Eye Popped Out During Tragic Snowplow Accident

As you all should know by now, ‘Marvel’ actor Jeremy Renner is lucky to be alive… like REALLY lucky. The 52-year-old actor was flattened by a freaking snowplow on top of a mountain.

He broke over 30 bones, his lung collapsed, his leg was crushed, his chest was crushed, and apparently his eyeball popped out of its socket.

Renner was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night, and much to everyone’s surprise, he walked out on his own. It was a pretty special moment, considering just four months ago, he was on his death bed.

During the discussion, Renner casually mentioned his eyeball popped out during the accident.

It [was like being under] a giant metal cookie roller. It just missed every vertebrae, did not hit any organs. My brain did not swell. My eye did pop out. That’s weird. But I got pretty lucky that none of the organs got messed up.

Sadly, Kimmel did not ask a follow-up question to that. How did they get it back in? And why on earth did that happen… and how can we prevent it from ever happening to us?

Renner did mention that he can see just fine out of the eye, so it looks like there was no lasting damage, which is nice to hear.

And while Renner looks great and appears to be walking decently, he did assure people he’s still in an incredible amount of pain. He’s just a fighter who is choosing to have a positive outlook.

Also in the interview, the actor mentioned that he got “kicked out” of the first ICU he was in because he was so high on drugs and he didn’t like the floor he was on because it was being renovated. He admitted to not being the best patient, but he did say he was going back to the hospital this week to apologize.

“I’m going back this week to apologize to every one of those nurses. Yes, I’m going to apologize.”

We’re sure they’ve seen worse, but it’s a sweet gesture.