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Cops Are Looking For Gross Couple Who Licked Ice Cream At Store, Then Put It Back

Have you seen this disgusting video going around? A couple in Virginia are being slammed online after posting a bizarre video of themselves licking ice cream inside a container at the store and then putting the container back in the freezer.

The couple, Asia Hines and Tequan, posted the video to Instagram, but then deleted it after the hate started to pour in. In the video, Tequan encourages Asia to open a tub of Blue Bunny Soft Vanilla ice cream and lick the top.

‘Let me taste it. Let me taste it,’ Tequan can be heard saying as he films his wife. Asia then lifts the tub up to his mouth while looking around to make sure that the duo is not spotted.

After they both lick it, Tequan can be heard telling his wife to hurry and put it back. They then can be seen running down the aisle in a fit of laughter.

The video was shared on Twitter, and obviously people had a problem with it, with some wondering if the police were going to get involved.

Well, a spokesperson for the Portsmouth Police Department in Virginia have told TMZ they are aware of the video and an investigation is happening.

The rep says cops are currently investigating the video to figure out which store the incident might have occurred at, adding, ‘Thus far no business has come forward as a victim in our jurisdiction.’

If they are found and charged with a crime, it could be somewhat serious. Back in 2019, a man named D’Adrien Anderson was caught licking a pint of Blue Bell ice cream at the store. He later pleaded guilty to criminal mischief and was sentenced to a year in jail.

The only hope for Asia and Tequan is if they can prove they went back and bought the ice cream, and were simply hoping to make some weird viral video.

…but if that’s the case, they better have those receipts!!