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Hilary Duff Admits She Sometimes Follows Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Starvation” Diet

If you’re a millionaire living in the United States and you’re naming your diet the “Starvation Diet,” it’s not exactly the best look, considering there are actual starving people in the world.

But apparently Gwyneth Paltrow and Hilary Duff don’t give a f**k.

During a recent interview on the ‘Lipstick on the Rim‘ podcast, Duff admitted that sometimes she practices Gwyneth Paltrow’s starvation diet.

Sometimes I try to — you know, Gwyneth’s in trouble for saying this — but sometimes I try to just drink coffee in the morning and starve off my hunger.

Back in March, Paltrow talked about how she simply takes an IV in the arm in the morning and drinks a coffee, not eating until at least noon when maybe she’ll have a bowl of bone broth.

Thankfully, Duff doesn’t seem as strict as Paltrow. When she gets hungry enough, she’ll eat actual food as opposed to bone broth.

I’m obsessed with cauliflower rounds. I’ll crisp them up in the air fryer. Top them with egg salad, fried egg, avocado or vegan sausage.

She also revealed she enjoys overnight oats as well. Additionally, she says she often eats some nuggets while she’s packing her kids’ lunches.

In terms of physical activity, the ‘How I Met Your Father’ star shared that she works out with a trainer and focusses on high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

So there you have it. Not quite as intense as Paltrow’s diet or five hours of movement, but still, maybe we should refrain from using the word “starve” because ain’t no millionaire in America starving.