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You Know Taylor Swift’s New Boo Matty Healy? Well, He’s A Little Problematic

Now that Taylor Swift’s reps have essentially confirmed her new relationship with ‘The 1975‘ frontman Matty Healy, some of her fans are thinking about jumping off the T-Swift train.

Why? Because you are who you surround yourself with, and there are some people who don’t want to be associated with Matty Healy… and for good reason.

Matty has been involved in a number of controversies throughout the years, but none bigger than his appearance on the ‘Adam Friedland Show‘ back in February of 2023. The podcast episode was filled with so many racist and disgusting comments that many hosting sites, including Spotify, removed it from their platforms.

During the episode, hosts Adam Friedland and Nick Mullen made a number of racist comments about rapper Ice Spice as Healy sat there and laughed his ass off.

During the episode, the ‘Somebody Else’ musician laughed as the podcast hosts mimicked Chinese accents and called Ice Spice an ‘Inuit Spice Girl’ and a ‘chubby Chinese lady.’ At one point, the singer even encouraged the hosts to impersonate Japanese people working in concentration camps.

In this same podcast, Healy also talked about his porn habits. He remembered a time when the two hosts walked in on him watching “hard-core porn” on a site called Ghetto Gaggers. The porn site is known for having videos showing the humiliation and brutalization of women of color.

I was, like, dressed as ‘guy who is jacking off,’ so I had, like, untucked shirt. Like you said, I think it literally was, like, ‘Ghetto Gaggers’ was on the TV. It’s just somebody just getting, like, brutalized. … I’m like, ‘It’s fine, it’s OK.’ Ten minutes would have been fine, but 30 seconds was, like, I was worried that was almost offensive.

He’s also referred to himself as the Messiah in a seemingly serious way. There’s more skeletons in his closet, but honestly, those are enough to make us question Swift’s judgement.

We’ll see if she drops him once the backlash becomes a bigger deal.